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The Oxenham Arms Hotel & Restaurant

Covid-19 Safe Hotel

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Covid -19 Safe Hotel

We have performed the Covid-19 risk assessment following UK Government guidelines and as a result, have introduced some measures at The Oxenham Arms Hotel for your safety and that of our staff.

We were routinely inspected on December 7th, 2020 by the Devon County Council Covide-19 Inspection Officer and passed the inspection in all areas of our operation.

The steps we have taken for your safety include the following:

This information is updated as of 1 st February 2021  Author. S. Powell. Owner.

All of our front of house staff and catering team are Environmental Health Level II Food Hygiene trained and certified along with Covid-19 protection trained following Government guidelines. This includes our provision of gloves, masks and alcohol  hand gels for all team members along with training.

We have constructed clear wood and glass screens between tables in our bar and eating areas which are Covid-19 safe but also match the decor of our building.

On your arrival at our hotel

If arriving by car, there are 2 metre spacing markers (silver crosses ) that have been placed on the floor of the front car park of our hotel to allow for a 1 metre social distancing plus 1 metre for a car door width when exiting your vehicle.

If arriving on foot from one of the walking trails through the gardens and grounds of our hotel at the rear signs remind customers to adhere to social distancing

On arrival at our front porch main entrance

When arriving at our front porch, you will be alerted to a sign on our front door which provides the following advice.

We have introduced some social distancing measures for everyone's safety

-Please use the sanitiser hand gel dispenser before entering our building.
-Press the white button on arrival if you need assistance and wait for a member of staff to assist you.
-Only 1 person at the bar and only at the screen on arrival or when paying/leaving.
-Follow social distancing 1 metre rules, step aside or back to allow others to pass in any room or passageway.
-Indoor tables are limited to members of any 1 household ( from December 2nd 2020)


-Alcohol can only be served to over 18's if also purchasing a substantial meal as per Government guidelines (December 2nd 2020)

-Facemasks must be work at all times when you are not seated.

-Outdoor tables in our large gardens are limited to members of any two households (or support bubbles)


All people entering the Oxenham Arms must use the hand sanitiser in our porch before entering our hotel, whether it is the first or subsequent entry. Also use the hand sanitiser when leaving our building

If you are uncertain of what to do, press the white button on the porch and a member of our staff will meet you at our front doorway.

Once inside the building

Once inside the building you will see a second wall mounted hand sanitiser for your optional use.


If you need assistance with bringing luggage into the hotel, please advise a member of staff as this now requires a member of our staff wearing gloves to carry your luggage for you. We are no longer allowed to carry luggage into your hotel room and will leave it at your hotel room door for you.

If you are uncertain of what to do, press the white button in the porch and a member of our staff will meet you at our front doorway.

Checking in to your hotel room

One of our team will check you into the hotel on our guest landing on the first floor. You will be registered and asked to confirm your name and mobile telephone number if we do not already have it for the government track and trace system. This is a UK Government requirement. Your room key would have been sanitised and you will be asked to take this from its plastic pouch.

Arriving for a drink and food at our hotel

Please follow the " On arrival..." information above.

Track and Trace System compliance

UK Government require that we take a note of your name and mobile phone number to comply with the Track and Trace system. We will retain this data for 21 days and then destroy it.

Ideally you should have called us in advance to book a table for either / and drinks or food.

Please arrive and make your presence known to a member of staff. We will show you to your table (s) inside

Garden Service for food and drinks

If you are drinking or eating in our gardens we will show you to the gardens, We have seating for 80 customers in our gardens and all garden furniture has been positioned to allow social distancing.

When eating in our gardens, place your order at the protective screen in our bar with one of our staff and pay for your food / drinks in advance. We will give you a sanitised buzzer. When your food is ready the buzzer will operate, come to the rear of our building and your food will be ready for you to collect.

Current UK legislation does not allow customers to drink, eat or stand at a public bar.

Once we have seated you at a table, for drinks we will take your order and deliver drinks to your table. For food, we will give you a disposable single-use menu's. Our waiting staff will take your order.

We will bring sanitised cutlery and condiments to your table with your food delivery. If you do not want us to serve food to your table, we will serve it to a service table whichever room you are in ( 1477 Bar, 1477 Bar, The Oak Dining Room or The Monastery Restaurant )


Screens have been provided between certain tables. These are wooden framed with transparent acetate to provide a feeling of inclusion whilst maintaining social distancing.

Alcohol Hand Gel dispensers throughout our building

Self Service hand pump customer antibacterial hand gel dispensers are located in.  The Bar, The Snug, The Oak Dining Room, The Monastery Restaurant, the rear hallway, the foyer, the ladies toilets and washrooms, the gent's toilets and washrooms

The first floor main landing has a Self Service hand pump antibacterial hand gel dispenser. Upon request, we will provide hotel guests with 1 new sealed alcohol-based antibacterial hand gel tube for their personal use whilst staying with us.

Prevention of virus transmission - coughing / sneezing Staff face masks:

a) Our staff in catering, housekeeping, and front of house use disposable 3 ply face masks conforming to EN14683:2019 offering 95% bacterial protection. Masks are disposed of at end of shift and new masks issues at the start of each new shift.

Prevention of virus transmission -between staff and customers Staff disposable gloves:

b) Our staff in catering, housekeeping, and front of house use sanitised Nitrile disposable gloves throughout their entire shifts. Some tasks are not possible wearing nitrile gloves. All staff are trained and monitored for hand washing after each service to or from a table.

Sanitised customer tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery, glassware and kitchenware 

We have a commercial 60cm, high temperature digital sanitising machine installed in our commercial kitchen which operates at 82 degrees killing all bacteria.  All cutlery, crockery and glassware will have been properly washed, then passed through the commercial sanitiser. Following sanitising, staff handling cutlery, crockery and glassware will do so using fresh nitrile gloves.

Bar glassware is sanitised using our 50cm commercial digital glass sanitiser machine installed in our bar area. The machine operates at 82 degrees killing all bacteria. Staff handling cleaned, sanitised glasses will wear a fresh pair of gloves and mask.

Customers will be seated at empty, sanitised tables and chairs. Each sanitised table will have a sign on it informing the customer that the environment is sanitised and available for use.

Tables which have been used / have not yet been sanitised will immediately have a sign placed upon them informing staff and customers that they are awaiting sanitising and are unavailable for use.

Salt and Pepper pots

All condiments and holders are santised with alcohol spray sanitiser after use in order that they can be re-used for other customers safely.


We  have a QR code system so that customers with internet capable phones can see all our websites online.

Our hardcopy menus are now single sheet A4 menus which are disposed of after each individual use. The sheets have desserts etc on the reverse side and customers are asked to hold on to their menus until they leave their tables.

Cutlery, Glasses and tables.

Tables will be sanitised using food safe kitchen spray sanitiser prior to each guest sitting.

Fresh clean customer glasses will be stored on shelves under the bar. All glassware will pass through our commercial sanitiser machine prior to being given to customers for any service of drinks.

All beer mats if used, will be destroyed immediately after each customer use and never re-used.

Front of house staff and our Chefs and catering team

To minimise interaction between our waiting / front of house team and our kitchen / catering team we have installed a new intercom system between our bar and our kitchen to allow bi directional communication.

Ground Floor Public Toilets

We employ a permanent dedicated member of staff to regularyl sanitise surfaces and door handles and doors. Toilet door handles inside and outside are sanitised after each toilet entry/exit.

Each toilet cubicle will have skin safe antibacterial surface spray for the customer to use. Toilet paper dispensers are auto dispense ( toilet paper automatically gets dispensed after each use.)

Each toilet hand wash sink has pump hand soap and customers are advised to hand wash for at least 20 seconds by means of a clear sign.  Another sign on a alcohol hand gel dispenser advises customers to use the hand gel available at the sink.  For hand drying, an automated hand towel dispenser is available, used towels are disposed of into a bin.

Hotel guests and rooms

Hotel guests will be checked in by a member of our staff on the first floor landing. Guests will be provided with a sanitised room key and asked to sign a paper registration and arrival form.

The following Covid-19 Safety features have been implemented in each of our hotel guest rooms in addition to all normal housekeeping and cleaning tasks compatible with our AA 4 Star Gold rating.

Certain soft furnishings, decorative pillows have been removed from the rooms. Magazines and books have been removed from the rooms.

All hard surface touch items in the rooms including handles, bed frames, chairs, furniture, all bath and shower room / WC items, TV remote, light switches and hand pulls will have been sanitised by our housekeeping team prior to your arrival.


Our housekeepers will not enter your room during your stay unless agreed by you and us. They will wear PPE whilst working in your room including EU standard face masks and Nitrile disposable protective gloves. Both mask and gloves are disposed of after each room clean of makeover. 

All hospitality tray items are sanitised.  Consumable items i.e. coffees, packets and bottles are sanitised.  Any un-used items after each guest checks out are disposed of. Hospitality trays are sanitised.  Glasses for drinks and bathroom have been replaced with sealed plastic glasses.

All bathroom vanity ( Shampoos etc ) items are sanitised.

All of our 100% cotton bed sheets, quilt covers and pillows are high temperature washed and sanitised to kill all bacteria by an outside laundry company contracted to The Oxenham Arms Hotel

All external and internal wardrobe and cupboard, dressing table handles and woodwork are sanitised before each guest stay

All bedside lamp and lamp switches are sanitised before each guest stay.

The following list of bath or shower room items are sanitised after cleaning in each guest room.

We reserve the right to ask any person not adhering to the above and/or current UK Government legislation to immediately leave our premises.